Welcome to the Potential Partnership between Indonesia and Russia.

Indonesia and Russia have a strong bilateral relationship, especially in terms of trade and investment. Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) reported that Indonesia-Russia trade reached US$679.2 million throughout January-February 2022. The breakdown shows that Indonesia’s exports to Russia were valued at US$332.1 million, while Indonesia’s imports from Russia amounted to US$347.1 million. Meanwhile, Russia’s investment value in Indonesia has reached USD 30,6 million, and Indonesia’s investment value in Russia has reached USD 5 million. Although these numbers are relatively low compared to Indonesia’s trade value with other countries in Europe or Asia, the potential for trade between the two countries continues to increase.

Regarding investment, Russia has a keen interest in investing its capital in Indonesia, especially in the energy, agriculture, and infrastructure sectors. On the other hand, Indonesia also sees significant potential for investment in Russia, especially in terms of technology, fisheries, and tourism.

In 2022, the number of Russian tourists visiting Indonesia is expected to increase by 10%, reaching a total of 25,300 visitors. Meanwhile, the number of Indonesian tourists visiting Russia is up to around 92,000. The potential for tourists from both countries can increase revenue in the tourism sector in each country.

Therefore, “The Indonesia-Russia Trade, Tourism & Investment Forum” was created as an effort to strengthen economic, trade, investment, and tourism relations between Indonesia and Russia. This forum will be a platform for businesspeople and investors from both countries to meet, build partnerships, and explore business opportunities in both countries. It is hoped that this forum can benefit both countries and strengthen the already strong bilateral relationship.